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PexPeppers - Tropical Revenge Reaper Sauce 5oz

PexPeppers - Tropical Revenge Reaper Sauce 5oz

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Tropical Revenge is the hottest sauce we make! Take yourself back to the tropics to get revenge on your boring food.

As with all of our other super-hot sauces, this isn't all just heat. It's also carefully balanced with lots of flavor to provide a better hot sauce experience.

This bright red sauce was formulated with record holding Carolina Reapers (63%), soursop (also known as guanabana), pineapple, and a smattering of blue agave nectar. If you choose to take your revenge, be warned it's VERY HOT.

This one goes great on anything that would pair with pineapple. Try it on pizza, tacos al pastor, and even as a brave replacement for cocktail sauce!

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