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El Jefe Hot Sauce

International, Netherlands - El Jefe - 7-Pot Brain Strain 3.38oz

International, Netherlands - El Jefe - 7-Pot Brain Strain 3.38oz

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Best Buy Date: 12/31/2023
Harvest 2021 - very hot sauce 7 pot brain strain pepper - 100ml Every year we grow a feature pepper in our little green house in Amsterdam. And every year we harvest this pepper and produce a single batch of hot sauce with it. And then we eat it! This year we made 150 bottles using the 2021 season feature: the 7-pot brain strain pepper. this is a very hot pepper (one pepper is enough to heat 7 pots of food), mixed with some papaya, makes for a killer sauce. Be warned this one is a hot one!

Ingredients 7-Pot brain strain chilis, papaya, garlic, carrot, lime, vinegar, salt, xanthum (100% vegan).

Description a very nice, very hot sauce with a touch of papaya Put it on everything! another amazing season, limited edition made from an amazing uniquely exotic pepper. If you like it hot, you'll this 7-pot brain strain. Heat very spicy Volume 100ml El jefe primo salsa, put it on everything. 100ML Flask 3.38oz
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