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Hottee Aguacatee

Hottee Aguacatee - Chile Orange Avocado Sauce 8oz

Hottee Aguacatee - Chile Orange Avocado Sauce 8oz

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The second in the sweet & spicy series of hottee aguacatee hot sauce! Toasted arbol chilis create a fresh, fiery flavor complimented by the warmth of grilled orange juice, toasted coriander, roasted plum tomato, and finished with our signature ingredient, avocado oil. Blended brilliantly with a base of antioxidant-rich avocado oil. Packed perfectly in an 8oz glass bottle and topped with a crown-style cap just like our official logo.  (“hot-tee ahh-gwah- cot-tee”) 

Ingredients - * apple cider vinegar * avocado oil * plum tomato * arbol chilis * garlic * sea salt * orange juice * coriander

Benefits - * all natural * fresh ingredients * 100% vegan * low sodium * gluten-free * shelf stable

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