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Frye Provisions

Frye Provisions - Original Hot Sauce - Heber Valley Utah 9oz

Frye Provisions - Original Hot Sauce - Heber Valley Utah 9oz

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We created this sweet and spicy sauce from scratch using all natural ingredients and a whole lot of love!  Dates, raisins, and freshly squeezed citrus provide a lovely sweetness that balances out a little kick from Fresno peppers and Habaneros.  To round it out, the smoky flavor of Achiote keeps you coming back for more!  Put it on eggs, chicken, fish, beef, tacos, burritos, chips, french fries, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers, and anything else that needs a little sweet heat!  The future is flavor. #hotdamn

The Frye Fam

Owners Ryan and Jessie Frye have been in the hospitality industry most of their lives. Their humble beginnings started in Memphis, TN but were called to the mountains of Utah. Ryan Frye is a professional chef in Park City who has been recognized in publications such as Forbes, Travel & Leisure, and  Vogue, to name a few. Jessie has spent the last 15 years serving, bartending, and putting smiles on people's faces at restaurants and hotels from Mississippi to Montecito. During her grand adventure in hospitality, she also obtained a degree in design, which is showcased on all of the products. 

They are excited to bring some sweet southern heat to the Great Rocky Mountains and beyond with their line of full-flavored food provisions. 

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