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Flaming Homers

Flaming Homer's Hot Sauce - Louisiana Style - Utah 5oz

Flaming Homer's Hot Sauce - Louisiana Style - Utah 5oz

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Our take on a classic - this one is a Louisiana sauce with a kick! Tried and true, this is the sauce that you'll be reaching for more often then not. The kind that you dash on each and every bite and go back for more!

Born out of the need for a classic American-style hot sauce. When we just couldn’t find one while living abroad, we started on a journey to craft TOP sauce and never looked back. Committed to minimal ingredients, its PEPPERS first and a crafted process that set our sauces apart. 

Flaming Homers Hot Sauce takes great pride in using minimal the cleanest ingredients around. The company are part of Utah's Own, made right here in the Beehive State.

The hot sauces contain no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no salt or sodium and no fat! ...

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