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Industry Information and Links

This is the place to find information and links to Burn Your Tongue sponsors, Industry shows, reviews sites, references and links to many brands we carry. Thank you for taking a look around.

A LOT of Information to come, we'll be updating this section over time.

BYT Page Sponsors!

Kendall Stadler from

Kendall is a well-respected reviewer and friend to the hot sauce industry. He has reviewed all of the Utah based sauces we've been sending in for years! He even puts in extra work for companies by creating single, linkable web pages for each brand he reviews!

JP Tha Hustler and the amazing underground artists from GRE:

A couple of the artists also have underground sauces for sale!

Check out the GRE artists their site or on YouTube. We've met producer JP THa Hustler and Shy (#carnivalcarnie) several times at our Orem Spicy Saturday Sampling events! We are honored to have Burn Your Tongue sponsoring their after-show Artist Wing Challenges, starting with our lucky number, #13! Check out the entire playlist of events - GRE Hot Sauce Challenge Playlist

We greatly appreciate the support from our page sponsors, with extra shout outs and exposure!

Hot Sauce Reviewers

For years, we have been known as Utah's Hot Sauce Advocate, working hard to help spread the word for our Utah creators by sending sauces out to a network of trusted hot sauce reviewers. We appreciate the time and effort they put into their review channels!

Not only a site sponsor but Kendall Stadler of Tasting the Heat has an incredible review resource page, again, at

Our Local Salt Lake City area reviewer, "Disraeli" from the Fundamentals of Heat, Keepers of the Flame, and The Stars Are Also Fire blog. Both channels have HUNDREDS of reviews! A resource from Utah for Chileheads! Click HERE for the Blog! - Click HERE for the SAAF YouTube channel!

Bill Moore's Hot and Spicy Reviews - Bill Moore is the first reviewer we ever sent our local, Utah based sauces out to for reviews. Never one to disappoint. after being the most prolific reviewers of hot sauces for years, Bill has retired from making new videos for now. His playlist is still an amazing catalog of reviews from one of the most trusted palettes in the fiery foods industry. He still posts product photos and text reviews on his Facebook page!

Katie of KTB Saucy! We started supporting Katie's review channel when she just started! She had a great presence, even when new to the camera, and we knew she would be well received. She has worked hard on her Social Media presence across multiple channels and has a huge, and growing, following! She even made the jump to selling sauces with her own location, KTBs Capsaicin Cave!

Katie (KTB Saucy) and Mikey of Mikey V's Foods just collaborated on an award-winning sauce called Moroccan Madness! Sparky Award - First Place, Unique Ingredients. Yes, we carry it!

We aren't done adding info... Just taking a break. Check back for updates soon. TIA!